App-Controlled Disco Jacket for Dogs is an Actual Product

App-Controlled Disco Jacket for Dogs is an Actual Product

The multinational design and engineering collective known as PARTY (Tokyo & New York) has created the first wearable, app-enabled disco jacket for dogs.

Yeah, this probably isn’t the first Bluetooth-enabled wearable for dogs, but it is...clever.

To be honest, we’ve not yet decided if this is awesome or an abomination, but preliminarily, we’ll offer this: if PARTY promises to accommodate not only annoying, yappy mini-canine rats but also produce models for big dogs, too, then we’ll hold off on condemnation (as of now, they do at least plan to make a large-dog version). But only if!

Funded; In Production:

Launched on Kickstarter before April 1st (that part’s important), the Disco Dog was eventually funded to the tune of $22,757. It took 171 backers a full 30 days to make it happen, but that they did: people apparently want a battery powered, rechargeable, highly customizable light vest for doggy.

Their product-now-underway is supposed to display a range of pre-programmed, themed illumination patterns (Sparkle, Alarm, Firefly, etc.), all activatable via the Disco Dog app. Additionally, and this was probably one of the campaign's main selling points, a “LOST DOG” message (or any other custom text) can be activated when the pooch strays too far from the owner or just straight-up hits the road without permission. 

While the jacket isn't actually intended for disco use, one could program famous lines from Saturday Night Fever, if one were so inclined. Conversation starter for singles, that. 

We Smell Japan on This 

Reportedly, it was PARTY’s New York team that dreamed up the Disco Dog, but we’re not so sure. Seems like, at the very least, this had to be collaborative. For us, it just exudes the essence of awesomely frivolous JAPANESE design, e.g., at once troubling and/or hilarious and/or fabulous.

Okay, in the course of this composition, we’ve decided that the Disco Dog is awesome. Definitely a better deal than or OkCupid.

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