High Quality, Low Cost Automotive Component Manufacturing Technology that Uses Net Shape Technology

At the Manufacturing Business Matching Fair, Kamine Seiki exhibited technology for manufacturing high quality, low cost vehicle transmission equipment, so-called differential gears, and other components using net shape technology that is now being developed through governmental support.

"Put simply, compared to high temperature hot forging that involves heating and pounding the materials, our manufacturing technique enables the use of press machines to stamp materials at room temperature without applying heat."

Both costs and the number of steps in the manufacturing process can be reduced by converting the cold forging process of differential gears to cutting-free net shaping.

"Using cold closed forging, we’re able to stamp components in a single pass, and to produce spherical surfaces on the opposite side without any cutting. Therefore, we’re confident that we can make a greater level of contribution compared to other manufacturers in terms of reducing the number of manufacturing steps and the amount of material that is used."

Kamine Seiki began concentrating its efforts on mass production about four years ago and is focused on expanding its business both in Japan and overseas primarily with automotive and machine tool manufacturers.