Cherry Blossom Season is Almost Over: Long Live the Sakura!

Cherry Blossom Season is Almost Over: Long Live the Sakura!

The Japan Weather Association says the sakura (cherry blossoms) will peak this Sunday in Hokkaido. 

And just like that, the blooming wave leaves northern Japan, and another beautiful spring comes and goes. 

Now, for those who might not know the specifics, the cherry blossom trees are known as ‘Sakura,’ and, every spring, the sakura bloom and groups comprised of families, businesses, and friends gather underneath the trees for parties called ‘Hanami,’ which literally means flower (花 = hana) viewing (見 = mi). Basically, it’s picnics and BBQs and drinking in public parks all day long until well after the street lights come on. It’s really quite lovely. 

Sakura & Hanami Gallery with Actual Hanami-ing

If you're reading AkihabaraNews then you've probably got some kind of interest in Japan and have already seen a pile of cherry blossom galleries this year. But how much of the actual hanami did you see? Galleries of flowers are a ¥10 for a dozen, but actual humans doing actual hanami - much more interesting.

And that is what's of particular importance in this gallery from AkihabaraNews Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley, delivered direct from his eclectic Tokyo flickr feed. Shot on an overcast day in Yoyogi park, this gallery has a hazy, dreamlike quality to it - "These shots are kinda haunting...", was how cheeseball Editor Reno put it.

This season might be coming to a close, but perhaps you'll make it to Japan next spring, and perhaps you'll be lucky enough to participate in some of this: 

A few of our own shots to round things out:

And lastly, to see how Japanese robots enjoy the season: