APRIL THANKO RODEO PART 2 OF 3: Fashion-Forward 1080p Video Spy Glasses

The Soul of old Akihabara?

We’re entirely open about the our dorky lust for all things Thanko. The Akiba-based company pumps out a steady stream of uber-Japanese products that often seem frivolous at first, but prove quite practical in real life. This month there were just too many, so we’re doing a rapid-fire posting of our favorite three (See also: Part 1 & Part 3).

And as we always say, sitting around at Thanko headquarters just dreaming up ways to build spy watches and USB-powered bento warmers and combination mobile chargers/hand warmers all day - and then actually creating and marketing the products - that’s living the dream right there. Way better than pounding keyboard! And among the dreams of Thanko:

Today’s Thanko: Fashion-Forward 1080p Video Spy Glasses

Putting little spy cameras in eyeglasses is nothing new, to be sure, but doing it with thick black hipsters frames - with feminine-leaning fashion being the intent - well, that is indeed somewhat novel. The stylish-to-some frames have four front-facing, identical 2mm holes, two on each side, which allows the camera’s lens and mic to just sort of blend into the overall design.

The glasses have two simple control buttons on the left-hand temple, which also houses the camera’s brains, battery, and microSD memory card of your choosing. After a full charge via USB, one can shoot continuous HD video for about 90 minutes, or just reach up and snap a quick 4032 x 3024 JPG of whatever one finds in front of one’s face - and look good doing it. At least to some.

Yes, these could be used for nefarious shenanigans, but Thanko properly warns customers "Do not use these for nefarious shenanigans." We're pretty sure everyone will ignore that, just like we’re pretty sure that Thanko will eventually put USB power or spy cameras in everything that exists, and the world will be a much more interesting place for it...or scary. Opinions?


  • Dimensions: Width 147 × height 32 × depth 145 (mm)
  • Weight: 28g
  • Power Source: 300mAh internal battery; charges via USB
  • Includes: Glasses, USB cable (1m), storage bag, lens cleaner, Japanese manual
  • Price: ¥7,980 (~$67)
  • Warranty: 6 Months

Glamour Shots & Promo Video:

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Your smartphone will turn into a digital microscope with Thanko's new Smartphone Microscope.

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Yoriko Takahashi - March 28, 2014

With Thanko's Night-Vision Scope Camera, you can see clearly something that you cannot usually see in the dark.

There is a 7-level adjustable infrared mode to see objects in dark places. A 3X power telescope and 2X digital zoom lens enable you to observe distant objects. Also, you are able to shoot still/moving images with it so that it might be fun to use it on your friends - scare them at night-time and record their reaction!

It is also usable in the day time as well by using the infrared cut filter attached to the body.


Thanko just released a camera stand with 3 quiet wheels. It enables you to take smooth moving images like a movie. You can perform several moves like moving straight, curve and rotation, and they can be done at high speed.

It's compatible with compact cameras, single-lens reflex cameras, and video cameras. The screw hole for attaching a tripod stand is used to mount the stand.

Price: ¥6,980
Size: 297 x 330 x 64mm
Weight: 750g


App-Enabled Geiger Counter for Smartphones
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Yoriko Takahashi - March 14, 2014

When you take off the lens cap of your camera before shooting a photo, don't you sometimes start wondering where you should keep the cap? Although you could keep it in your bag, you might end up searching for it there later. Or you might have a strap tied on the lens cap but it could bother you while shooting.

Nothing fancy nor outstanding about Thanko's new Lens Cap Holder, but you will probably like it a lot.

Thanko released "Mobile Battery Na Video Camera", 3000mAh mobile battery that has a small video camera built-in.

The camera has a 5MP CMOS sensor and is able to shoot full HD movies (1280x720, 30fps) continuously for up to 8 hours. The video you take will be saved in a microSD card (maximum 32GB).

By selecting Motion Sensing Mode, it can shoot for up to 48 hours.

Yoriko Takahashi - November 25, 2014

Thanko's new USB pouch is made for warming Japanese traditional food, Onigiri (Rice Ball). Enjoy a warm Onigiri for your lunch at office!
Thanko has just released a miniature action camera that you can attach it anywhere you want. Attach it to a thing like a radio-controlled plane, glasses, helmet, and even your dog's collar, and make creative motion movies.

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Thanko started selling new simple earphones with tiny earbuds that don't give you pesky earaches.

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The Days of Cold Bento Food are Over!
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Yoriko Takahashi - May 12, 2014

Here is the thumb-shaped stylus for those who have a short thumb!

Well, probably you are thinking who wants to buy Thanko's Thumb-shaped Stylus. If you can pocket your pride, it could be a very useful tool for you.

During commuting in a madly crowded train here in Japan, you want to kill your time playing with your smartphone. You can only use one hand because the other hand is holding onto a strap, and then this issue will happen: