APRIL THANKO RODEO PART 1 OF 3: USB Wheel-Powered Gadget Charger for Bikes

APRIL THANKO RODEO PART 1 OF 3: USB Wheel-Powered Gadget Charger for Bikes

Because They Just Can’t Stop Delivering the Hits

We’re entirely open about the our dorky lust for all things Thanko. The Akiba-based company pumps out a steady stream of products that often seem frivolous at first, but prove quite practical in real life - this month there were just too many, so we’re doing a rapid-fire posting of our favorite three (See also: Part 2 & Part 3).

Sitting around at Thanko headquarters just dreaming up ways to build spy watches and USB bento warmers and combination mobile chargers/hand warmers all day - and then actually creating and marketing the products - that’s living the dream right there. Way better than pounding keyboard! And among the dreams of Thanko:

Part 1: USB Wheel-Powered Gadget Charger for Bikes 

Japan’s been using those little mini-dynamo generators to power bike lights for decades, and that doesn’t require a whole lot of power. Charging a smartphone or GPS guide thingy is a different matter, but, when traveling (at least) 10 km/h or more, this implementation generates enough power to juice-up your device (the video below is instructive on this front).

It’s pretty simple, really: just attach the generator to your bike’s frame, making sure to align all appropriate parts, run the cable up to your handlebars or wherever, and there you go: semi-passive, human-powered electrical gadget juice!


  • Dimensions: Width 119 × height 99 × depth 44 (mm)
  • Weight: 275g
  • USB Connecting Cable: 730 cm; A-type
  • Includes: Body, long screws, short screws, washers × 2, butterfly nut × 2, simple Japanese manual
  • Price: ¥4,980 (~$42)
  • Click through to shop Thanko at Amazon.com!

Glamour Shots & Demo Video:

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