Sharp's green tea espresso maker "HEALSIO Ocha Presso" to be released in North America

Today, Sharp debuted (TE-TS56V), a new model of their "HEALSIO Ocha Presso" green tea maker.

They also unveiled their plan to bring it to the North American market for sale this summer. It will be called "Tea-Cere" like a tea ceremony, and the specs will be based on the new TE-TS56V model.

HEALSIO Ocha Presso can mill tea leaves, boil the water, and finish off making flavorful tea by itself. The first model (TG-GS10A) was released in April, 2014. It became a big hit. 110,000 units of them have been sold, which is about 10 times more than their original sales goal.

For the new improved model (TE-TS56V), Sharp refined the built-in ceramic tea mortar to mill tea leaves more finely, and increased the capacity of the water tank. Also, TE-TS56V gives the user a choice of tea temperature of 85-degrees or 70-degrees. It is newly equipped with functionality to cool down the boiling water to 70-degrees so that it's able to brew not-too-hot tea for someone who cannot handle hot temperature.

  • Model: TE-TS56V (Flagship)
  • Release date: April 24
  • Price: About ¥28,000
  • Size: 233×225×296mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Water tank: 560ml
  • Color: Green, Red

Sharp will also release a more reasonably priced and compact model (TE-GS10B), which doesn't have the hot-water-cooling-down functionality.

  • Model: TE-GS10B
  • Release date: April 24
  • Price: About ¥25,000
  • Size: W220×D207×H277mm
  • Weight: 2.6kg
  • Water tank: 420ml
  • Color: Green, Brown

Photo by Engadget Japan

Original article: Espresso machine-like tea maker "HEALSIO Ocha Presso"