Ring-shaped wearable device "Ring ZERO" for about $140

Logbar has started accepting orders for the latest version of their ring-shaped wearable device, the Ring, at Amazon Japan.

The Ring device detects your finger movements and controls multiple functions on your smartphone. There are default gestures assigned depending on different actions, for example, drawing a triangle in the air plays or pauses music and drawing a circle takes a photo.  

The new Ring ZERO will be delivered to purchasers after April 30. Logbar's device runs on a system they call Maestro, a proprietary gesture detecting engine. Naturally, the new model's gesture-detection accuracy is billed as an improvement over the previous model.

In addition, the device can connect to other home appliances via Wi-Fi using an external router, and you are able to control lights, the air conditioner, etc. The dedicated Ring application allows you to add more actions and customize gestures for those.

Using the Ring is pretty easy. Simply put the device on your index finger and keep touching the built-in sensor while you are drawing a gesture, and then release when finished.

  • Price: ¥16,900 (~$140)
  • Size & Weight: Small 19mm (4.6g), Medium 20.6mm (5g), Large 22.2mm (5.4g)
  • Colors: Shiny White, Matte Black
  • Accessories: Battery charger, USB cable, Size adjustment tool

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