TokyoStreetView: Japanese Traditional Dolls (4K VIDEO)

TokyoStreetView: Japanese Traditional Dolls (4K VIDEO)

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On the tech side of our original video coverage, there's nothing better than the IREX international robotics trade show, or if cars are your thing, the DRiFTWiRED music video shot in the mountains of Tochigi is one of a kind, but we also share more contemplative, day to day slices of Japanese life. In the vein of the latter, we hope you enjoy our latest video feature, presented in beautiful 4K (don't forget to dial up the YouTube resolution!). 

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Episode 20
Japanese Traditional Dolls

As in any culture, dolls, or ningyō, have been and are still very popular in Japan. Today we had the chance to share with you some of the gorgeous work of Fukuda-sensei, a Japanese doll master we had the chance to meet while exploring a private collection in Tokyo.

Unlike Europe, for example, Japanese dolls were not only childrens’ toys but also considered to be art, in much the same way as statues are art, and this is how they are treated in many Japanese homes.

Like an elaborate sculpture, it can take up to a year to make such a doll from start to finish. Due to the delicate nature of the materials involved and the time required for the paint to dry, doll masters pay close attention to humidity when working. They sometimes need up to a month to finish a doll’s head.

Finally, on average a doll costs between ¥100,000 - ¥500,000 (~$800 - $4,000), but the rarest ones can fetch up to several million yen (tens of thousands of dollars), depending on how famous the artist is.

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