Attack on Titan in Kansai-dialect

Now, volume 1 of Kansai-ben (Japanese spoken in the dialect of the Kansai region) version of the Attack on Titan manga available for free at e-book stores.

Kansai-ben is fun, casual and sounds more friendly than the standard Japanese language. If you want to learn Kansai-ben, it will be cool to learn it from Attack on Titan.

Additionally, look at the front cover of the e-book! It's hard to express exactly what it is, but there is an older lady-like Titan from Osaka.

There are also Takoyaki (octopus ball), Okonomiyaki (savory pancake), the Tsutenkaku tower, and a baseball player from the Hanshin Tigers. There are so many little things that you cannot help but look at.

Plenty here to arouse Kansai/Osaka lovers' curiosities.

Attack on Titans