Tokyo Street Shots: The Living Gallery (Collection 5; Set #5 - End of an Era)

Tokyo Street Shots: The Living Gallery (Collection 5; Set #5 - End of an Era)

Retiring Tokyo Street Shots
It's been a great run, fueled almost entirely by the photography of AkihabaraNews' Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley (flickr). The more than 300 real Tokyo Street Shots comprising the project have delivered an amazing range of spontaneous, unplanned, happenstance moments - the best slices of everyday life. We'll miss sharing the TSS, but we're also eager to move on to our next gallery series, so stay tuned for that!  

Hiring Tokyo Nayalan
Those here in the Tokyo area or anywhere in Japan needing an awesome photographer/videographer, jump over to the contact form and reach out. Nayalan is an experienced freelance shooter able to coax the awesome out of kitties, cars, ladies, and much more! 


Tokyo Street Shots  
Final Collection (5); Final Set (#5)

AkihabaraNews is Japan & Asia tech, and we work hard to find the cool and cultural news accessible only to a boots-on-the-ground team. Our editors and contributors also provide perspective on everyday life: meeting the people, eating the foodtaking the train, using the tech, and walking the streets of this pulsating seethe of technology and social structure that, with approximately 37 million metro area inhabitants, is far and away the world’s largest city. 

Photo Galleries at AkihabaraNews

The Living Gallery 
It can't be all tech all the time, so each week AkihabaraNews editors set out to collect 10 high-res shots of average, public Tokyo life. S
ome of the Street Shots scream and grab the eye, some are subtle and nuanced, and some are quite mundane. In any case, we feel lucky to be here and privileged to share the Tokyo that we see. Oh, and to add a bit of flavor every once and again, we also stir-in a few Osaka Street Shots and/or Nagoya Street Shots, and even Nagano Street Shots make the cut.

Enjoy the final installment!

Local Gallery

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