Luxurious KitKat "I LOVE FRUITS" series

In Japan, there is a KitKat-specialized store called "KitKat Chocolatory" that sells high-end KitKats.

A new I LOVE FRUITS series just became available at only 2 KitKat Chocolatory stores in Tokyo:

  • Seibu Ikebukuro
  • Daimaru Tokyo

The "I LOVE FRUITS" series combines sweet-and-sour fruit flavor and the rich flavor of chocolate, which creates the right taste combination...for some people.

Five flavors (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, coconut, and passion fruit) will be available. Each package contains 2 of each flavor and costs ¥2,300 (~$19.00).

And yes, the misplaced pluralization in the name is intentional...well, intentional insofar as foreign loan words that end in "t" or have a t-involved final syllable are sometimes given the Japanese pseudo-equivalent pronunciation of "tsu," e.g., fruit[s], sport[s], dart[s], etc., which when written in English for marketing purposes gets an "s" and since the concept of nominal pluralization is entirely foreign to the Japanese language in the first place, the occasional grammatically incorrect "s" concerns exactly nobody. But that's a story for another day...