Thanko - Tabletop Gadget Tripod

No More Out-of-Focus Shaky Shots

When you want to shoot a photo of an object from above at your desk using a smartphone or digital camera, your hands can become shaky and make it rather difficult to take a clear photo.

Thanko's new smartphone/camera arm stand, called the "Sumaho Gacchiri Arm Stand," will help you get the job done quickly and clearly.

The tabletop unit can hold a smartphone firmly and take clear photos on every attempt. As the device is also compatible with standard tripod/accessory mounts, it is able to hold a digital camera just as well.

  • Price: ¥2,980 (~$25.00)
  • Size: W470 x H280~430 x D210mm
  • Weight: 587g
  • Compatible Smartphone Width: 56~82mm (wide enough for the iPhone 6 Plus)

Digital Cameras, too:

The Desktop Tripod in Action: