TokyoStreetView: Happo-En Garden (4K VIDEO)

TokyoStreetView: Happo-En Garden (4K VIDEO)

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On the tech side of our original video coverage, there's nothing better than the IREX international robotics trade show, or if cars are your thing, the DRiFTWiRED music video shot in the mountains of Tochigi is one of a kind, but we also share more contemplative, day to day slices of Japanese life. In the vein of the latter, we hope you enjoy our latest video feature, presented in beautiful 4K (don't forget to dial up the YouTube resolution!). 

TokyoStreetView 4K Ultra-HD

Episode 19
Tokyo Happo-En

Happo-en is much more than your average gorgeous hidden Japanese garden in central Tokyo. While its history remains elusive, it is said that Happo-en was the cherished mansion of Ōkubo Tadataka (also known as Ōkubo Hikozaemon - 1560~1639). It wasn’t until after 1951 that Happo-en became what it is today and took its current name. Many people incorrectly translate the name to “a garden beautiful from any angle,” while in fact the most accurate translation is “Garden of Eight Views.”

What’s different about Happo-en now is that the garden is in fact just the visible tip of the iceberg. Actually, the core business of the location is to celebrate weddings and other events with a wide selection of facilities made to please those looking for something more traditional. Of course you need not participate in a wedding nor any other kind of special event to visit this park, it’s open year-round with free access to anyone.

If you are curious about Japanese culture and would like to enjoy a traditional tea ceremony, or perhaps a traditional Japanese lunch in a unique environment, be sure to contact one of the Happon-en staff to make a reservation!

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Beautiful Japan; a Love Story. 
Japan is a world apart from everything you know. It’s a place like no other, built on centuries of tradition and unrivaled attention to detail. Japan is a cultural Galapagos out of reach for many, and it often remains an untouched mystery even for the lucky few who’ve come to call it their home.

A True Contemplative Experience. 
TokyoStreetView is born of a passion for life in Japan, and the series aims to offer others around the world a chance to enjoy a bias-free experience of its many wonders. Unlike other videos you may find on Japan, TokyoStreetView’s are purely contemplative: our camera(s) are your eyes and our tripod is your chair, just sit with us, relax, and let an amazing world unfold in front of you in a succession of short ~10-second sequences of RAW 4K video.

We hope our passion for this mesmerizing country will touch your heart, and, through our videos, you’ll feel some of the wonder we held from the first day we set foot on this beautiful archipelago.


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