More Weird Japanese TV Commercials for the Weekend (they're weird here, too)

Laughter and Cutesy:
The Shortest Route to Your Wallet

However bizarre they might be, the general theme for about half of today’s selections should be obvious. Some, however, are truly obtuse, seemingly nonsensical, and wholly abstracted artifacts of WTFedness - and we love it.

Why So...Weird?

Well, to quote our own selves:

“Oh Yeah, Japanese People Agree! See, what’s probably lost on most viewers around the world is that commercials like these aren’t evidence of a widespread, built-in cultural bizarreness. Nope, they’re much more about advertisers and ad agencies trying to out-weird each other. That's right, in Japan, weird and cutesy even outsell sexy."

So yeah, when it comes to the search for meaning in their TV commercials, the Japanese are often just as shruggingly befuddled as the rest of the world.

Psychoanalysis is welcomed in the comments below, and if you need more, you’ll find it just after the vid.

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