Deep-fried Frog Burger to go with the Poisonous Creatures Exhibition

An exhibition collaboration by Sega and Sunshine Aquarium, called "Moudoku Ten", will take place from March 21 until May 17 at MARK IS Minatomirai in Yokohama.

Moudoku Ten (Moudoku means "deadly poison" in Japanese) displays beautiful-looking poisonous creatures. 200,000 people visited its previous exhibition.

During the period of the exhibition, the cafe on the same floor will serve a collaborated food menu, including a Frog Burger.

Japanese people don't eat frogs (some people living in the inland area eat bugs though). We are foody people but I am not sure how many people would try out this burger, especially when the frog's legs are sticking out from the buns and it' hard to tell what's going on under the top layer of the buns.

The cafe also serves a frog-egg-looking dessert. It doesn't look very appetizing but at least it's not real frog eggs, so I might try it if I have a chance to go to the exhibition…


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