Nobody Likes Banner Ads - Time to Change the Game

Nobody Likes Banner Ads - Time to Change the Game

Nobody, Nobody, No Way.

When was the last time you were reading, watching, or otherwise browsing around your favorite website and intentionally clicked an ad? Has it ever happened? Like us, have you basically stopped seeing them? And also like us, do you wonder how banner ads can possibly get enough clicks to justify their continued existence?!

Publishers Dislike Useless and Irrelevant Ads Just as Much as Readers

Of course AkihabaraNews loves to work with sponsors that offer relevant products and services, but such deals are few and increasingly farther between.

The alternative is cluttering the site with useless, visually displeasing ads to ever-decreasing returns, and that we will no longer do. Rather than being part of the problem and going down with the mid-sized tech media ship, we’ve decided to switch things up and get in a different boat.

Finally a Banner Worth Showing, and Worth Clicking

AkihabaraNews is now an Amazon.com Associate, and the system is fantastically simple:

1. When you’ve got some Amazon shopping to do...
2. Instead of typing “Ama…” and waiting for autofill, click through our Amazon.com banner.
3. They get your business, you get your stuff, and AkihabaraNews gets a little high-five on the side.

And that’s it. Our Amazon banner is up on the top right, just above the search field. To make it easy, you can save our link as your go-to Amazon bookmark. The more readers who do, the more we’ll all be able to focus on content.

Thanks for reading, watching, and sharing our content, and よろしくお願いします for clicking through!