Nissan BBQ Concept Car

Last month, the Japan Camping Car Show took place at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba, and a concept car that Nissan displayed there was quite interesting.

It's called, what else? The BBQ Car.

Nissan launched a project to develop "The ultimate level of smart BBQ car" [sic] with the assistance of the Japan BBQ Association. The BBQ car is based on Nissan's e-NV200, an electric minivan which is able to bear a maximum load of 1500W and provide 1000W of electricity for 8 continuous hours.

Environmentally Friendly

Simply open the rear of the BBQ car and roll out a complete BBQ unit - ready to be used. It includes an electric grill, refrigerator, kitchen with sink, cookware, plates, spices, coffeemaker, garbage disposal machine, and more. It doesn't generate any garbage (with its garbage disposal system) and doesn't give off any noxious exhaust.


The BBQ car is equipped with wireless speakers so you can pair it up with your smart device. Accessories include a tarp, chairs, playthings such as a frisbee and badminton set, and solar charging outlets.

Make it Real:

Nissan is asking for your help to make the BBQ car a reality and has set up a crowd-funding campaign through Green Funding Lab. In an interesting campaign twist, Nissan is teasing 5 potential dream functionalities that could be added to the car, depending on how much money is raised. Options include:

  • Flying Selfie Camera (¥1,000,000/~$8,300)
  • Mosquito Barrier System (¥3,000,000/$25,000)
  • Smartphone Linked Display (¥6,000,000/~$50,000)
  • Refreshing Mist Shower (¥10,000,000/~$83,000)
  • Karaoke System (¥15,000,000/~$125,000)

As is standard for crowdfunding ventures, Nissan is offering various rewards at various levels of campaign support. For example, giving ¥5,000 (~$42) will get you some BBQ sauce! Also, depending on your funding level, you can join a BBQ Car party, rent the BBQ Car, etc. And last, the biggest reward, if you send them ¥25,000,000 ($208,000), the BBQ car will be delivered to you! What a great deal for BBQers!

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