Chinese Tank Scooter is a Jet Ski on Land

Chinese Tank Scooter is a Jet Ski on Land

SameZone, the company mentioned below, is currently under investigation by AkihabaraNews for being completely full of shit and straight-up KIRFing the BPG Werks Shredder. Updates to come.

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Hey Look at our 200cc Gas Powered Segway Tank Thingy!

Tech sites small and large get emails all day long from creators, founders, crowdsourcers, and contracted marketers scraping and scratching desperately for some kind of notice (the latter are the silliest, most incompetent of the lot; new companies farming out their PR is not a good use of resources). Most of these unreasonably enthusiastic dispatches push products that are...well, to put it kindly, doomed. But, that’s become the model.

So, with our justifiably jaded perspective, expecting not a whole lot, we opened a few emails from Shenzen-based SameZone. Imagine our delight when we saw what, at first glance, appears to be a skateboard mounted on an engine with tank tracks, controlled by a very jet-ski-like folding handlebar.

At second glance, and after watching the demo video, we realized that our first glance gave an entirely accurate impression. The thing is a beast, and it actually handles like a jet ski - an all terrain jet ski with tank tracks that’ll plow through dirt, mud, snow, and sand. It looks like what the friendly, fun-loving people would drive in Mad Max movies.

Specs for the SameZone G6 Bad Road Use Personal Transporter

  • Size: 1.02 x 0.68 x 0.6m (4 x 2.2 x 2 ft.)
  • Weight: 110Kg (~242 lbs.)
  • Power: 200cc 4-stroke gas engine
  • Top Speed: 40km/h (~25MPH)
  • Maximum Climb Angle: 40 degrees
  • Fuel Capacity: 6.5L (~1.7 gallons)
  • Minimum Turn Radius: 1.2m (~4 ft.)
  • Design and Manufacture: SameZone
  • Price: USD $7,400 

SameZone offers a surprising range of products in addition the G6 tank jet ski, and they’ve done a few years of business supplying Walmart their Chinese Hovertrax Mini Electric Scooter, but at 4 years they're still a relatively young company. While their efforts are commendable, their English website needs a lot of work, and their multimedia really could use a production value level-up - but we must admit that theirs was one promo email we were glad to have opened.

SameZone G6 Glam

SameZone D1