World’s First: CASIO to Release Standard Scientific Calculator that Displays Arabic Script

World’s First: CASIO to Release Standard Scientific Calculator that Displays Arabic Script

Meet the New CASIO ClassWiz fx Series

Most humans on planet Earth regularly use what are known, somewhat though not wholly accurately, as “Arabic numerals.” They should probably be called “Hindu-Arabic numerals,” but even that’s rather murky and complicated. To the issue at hand, while pretty much all of us know the Hindu/Arabic 0-9 digits, the Arabic-speaking world, somewhat ironically, could benefit from specific language compatibility when using a scientific calculator.

To address this potential barrier, CASIO has developed the world’s first standard scientific calculator capable of displaying Arabic script in menus and guidance text. Naturally, CASIO plans to market the new calclulator directly to Middle Eastern and Arabic-speaking African populations.


Complimenting the new script option, CASIO has updated the series’ resolution from 2,976 to 12,096 dots, allowing for more comprehensive information display, improved and clarified icons, and lessening the reliance on abbreviated terminology.

The series’ high-end models, including the ClassWiz fx-991AR X and ClassWiz fx-570AR X, include spreadsheet functionality and a new feature that creates smart device-readable QR codes which, when scanned by a smartphone or tablet, automatically generate graphs or connect to instructional information on a dedicated website.

The new range is able to perform sophisticated calculations such as differential calculus, linear and vector operations, 4×4 matrix calculations, and all but the most basic model are capable of 4-variable simultaneous equations. The flagship fx-991AR X even has a built-in solar power cell. All models include a slide-on/off protective case.

Function Specs for the ClassWiz fx Series:

See the series’ complete functionality range here

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