NOW AVAILABLE: Sushi Socks Volume 2!

NOW AVAILABLE: Sushi Socks Volume 2!

Fishy Footwear: How the News Makes Money!

These days, pretty much every news site from the super huge to the medium to the tiny is either incorporating and/or switching to some kind of e-commerce or sales affiliate model to keep themselves afloat, or they're sinking. The times they have-a-changed.

While AkihabaraNews is no different, we are afforded the otakuastic luxury of slinging sushi socks for our friends at Tokyo Otaku Mode - which is way better than slinging Farmville or erectile dysfunction pills or linkbait A, B, or C, right? Absolutely right - these are high-quality products made right here in Japan of...high-quality sock parts!

So hey, if you need some sushi socks, or don’t need but just want, or think it would be a good idea to send 2-4 pairs to aunt Sally in St. Louis or uncle Benoît in Aix-en-Provence, click on through and TOM via AKI will hook you up post-haste.

Sushi Socks Volume 2
TOM’s product description:

“Fun to look at and fun to wear! These Sushi Socks look just like delicious sushi when rolled up. Your sock drawer will never be the same! They are also comfortable and durable. The sushi detail is knitted into the sock with colored thread instead of being printed. There are 10 versions available so there is sure to be a perfect pair for every sushi lover you know! Here are all your options from our “Sushi Socks” menu: Crab, Sweet Shrimp, Negitoro, Japanese Amberjack, Squid, Corn Mayo, Natto, Sea Urchin, California Roll, and Futomaki! These Sushi Socks are even made in Toyama, Japan! Makes a great gift for fans of Japanese cuisine!

Item Specs:

  • Variations: Crab, Sweet Shrimp, Negitoro, Japanese Amberjack, Squid, Corn Mayo, Natto, Sea Urchin, Futomaki, California Roll
  • Available: Now
  • Price: $5.39 each; $48.99 for a 10-Pair Set
  • Made in: Japan

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