Giant Star Wars Snow Sculpture Built by Japanese Self Defense Force

Giant Star Wars Snow Sculpture Built by Japanese Self Defense Force

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The Giant Star Wars Snow Sculpture in Sapporo is Finally Finished.

Now that the building-sized artwork is complete, it seems Darth Vader is once again invading Japan, this time joined by three stormtroopers, the Death Star and a TIE fighter. Best of all is his lightsaber, illuminated in red at night.

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The design was made reality over the course of a month using a squadron of bulldozers, and is one of over 200 snow sculptures currently on show at the 66th annual Sapporo Snow Festival.

As has been tradition since 1955, the Japan Ground Self Defense Force provided the necessary manpower, and all those years serving under Japan’s pacifist constitution seems to have given them time to develop impeccable arts and crafts skills.

Here are some photos of the process:

January 7; January 14 

January 20; January 23

January 25; January 31 


If you’d like to go and see Darth and his imperial buddies yourself, the festival runs until February 11th. For those that can’t make it, you can instead cheer yourself up with these pictures of Star Wars reimagined in feudal Japan.

Images: Lucasfilm Ltd.