Metal Ring: Protect Your (iPhone) Bulge

Metal Ring: Protect Your (iPhone) Bulge

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When it debuted in September, as expected much of planet earth went all giddy at the sight of a new iPhone (except for Editor Reno who wrote a (very) long-winded, depressing op-ed on the subject). And yes, it is a beautiful piece of industrial design with state of the art soft- and hardware that continues selling like mad.

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But a lot of people - including Apple’s marketing team who Photoshopped it away in several marketing glam shots - bristled at the the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus’ protruding camera bulge. The latest in generations of smooth-backed devices now has a subjective imperfection, one that, it’s been argued, is basically unavoidable, i.e., we don’t yet have the technology to shrink a camera of such quality down to the width of the rest of the phone.

Tech writers had plenty of criticism, but consumers cared not: riding the iPhone 6's success, Apple just had the most successful quarter of any publicly held corporation in the history of the known universe. But the bulge issue remains, and for all but the most careful users, so does the possibility of denting, scuffing or otherwise damaging it.

Enter ROA International’s answer, exceedingly simple in both design and name:

Intended to be a fashionable yet protective accessory, the machined aluminum ring snugly attaches to the surface surrounding the bulge and does that and that alone. The company says that the Metal Ring, which is secured with an acrylic adhesive, will remain steadily in place during normal usage but can be removed by hand without the need for solvents.

Specs for the ROA International Metal Ring:

  • Dimensions: iPhone 6 - 9.2mm diameter, 1.1mm height; iPhone 6 Plus - 9.7mm diameter, 1.1mm height
  • Weight: Negligible
  • Material: Machined aluminum
  • Colors: Pink, Space Grey, Gold, Silver
  • Release: February 4, 2015
  • Price: ¥1,060 for one; ¥1,500 for set of two ($8-$12)

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