Cloudy Yokohama Time Lapse is Visual Romance (VIDEO)

Cloudy Yokohama Time Lapse is Visual Romance (VIDEO)

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Those who’ve browsed around our video collection know that we’ve long been enamored with the work of mysterious Tokyo photographer darwinfish105: we shared his giant robot shots in 2013, featured what we call the Tokyo Pastel Diorama Series (#1 and #2 - both awesome), totally dug his Panasonic GH4 time lapse piece from several months back, he rubberized our brains with the Inception/Blade Runner lovechild known as Mirrored Tokyo, and he even showed us the beauty of of a cloudy day in 4K here in the big, big city. The hits just don’t stop.

New darwinfish105 Video 
Panasonic LX100 Time Lapse Cloudy Yokohama

One of his newest works gives us a look around Yokohama, which is distinct in personality from Tokyo proper, yet contiguous with and still very much part of the the world’s largest city/metropolitan area.

The video was shot on an overcast, cloudy day, but it gives Yokohama a certain ambiance, a certain something...just feels like romance. 

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