TokyoStreetView: Ueno Park Part II (4K VIDEO)

TokyoStreetView: Ueno Park Part II (4K VIDEO)

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On the tech side of our original video coverage, there's nothing better than the IREX international robotics trade show, or if cars are you thing, the DRiFTWiRED music video shot in the mountains of Tochigi is one of a kind, but we also share more contemplative, day to day slices of Japanese life. In the vein of the latter, we hope you enjoy our latest video feature, presented in beautiful 4K (don't forget to dial up the YouTube resolution!). 

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Episode 14
Ueno Park Part 2
上野公園 パート2

Here is the second part of our trip to Ueno Park! Today we will visit three new locations:

  • Toshogu Shrine (Part 2)
  • Ueno Park Pagoda (Part 2)
  • Bentendo Hall Temple and the Shinobazu Pond (Part 2)

Click here If you missed the first part of this video where we covered these sites:

  • Kiyomizu Kannon Temple (Part 1)
  • Hanazono inari Temple (Part 1)
  • Gojoten Temple (Part 1)

Toshogu Shrine:
Believe it or not, the Toshogu Shrine is one of only a few Edo-Era structures in Tokyo to have survived earthquakes, fires and even wars. Built in 1627, the Toshogu Shrine underwent a major renovation in 1651 on the orders of the Shogun Tokugawa Iemitsu. What’s unique about this shrine, besides being similar in style to the Shrine of Nikko (also called Toshogu) with its gold plated decorations, are its 50 large copper lanterns that guide you through the shrine itself. Usually made from stone, these lanterns were donated to the Shogun by a Daimyo warlord.

Ueno Park Pagoda:
Perhaps one of the best parts of the Kaneiji Temple (not covered on these 2 videos), is its pagoda. Separated from its main temple, this 5 storied pagoda can unfortunately only be enjoyed from the Ueno Zoo, and only after spending a few hundred yen. However, the pagoda is not the only beautiful structure to see and enjoy. There are also architectural masterpieces that have for centuries defied the force of Japan’s earthquakes (learn more). 

Bentendo Hall Temple and the Shinobazu Pond:
Build in the early 17th century by Mizunoya Katsutakathe, the Bentendo Hall Temple is a Benzaiten-type temple located in the middle of the Shinobazu Pond. Unfortunately the actual Bentendo Hall Temple you can see today is not the original, and was in fact rebuilt from the ground up in 1958 after being destroyed in 1945. To be fair this temple is not the most interesting part of Ueno Park, however its pond and the giant lotuses are magnificent and can be fully enjoyed in the summer where they cover the entire surface of the pond.

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