Tokyo Skyline Pentax Time Lapse (VIDEO)

Tokyo Skyline Pentax Time Lapse (VIDEO)

Videos of the Big, Big City We Love So Much

We've no shortage of gushing JapanGeek love for the epic Tokyo Tilt-Shift Timelapse Diorama and Mirrored Tokyo and Clouds Over Tokyo work of darwinfish105 - we've shared a ton of his work, and we’re quite aware of and comfortable with the fact that we’ve basically fetishized the act of watching cityscape videos. It’s a good thing, and hey, at least we don’t have to delete our browsing history after spending an hour watching this kind of internet video!

The Tokyo Cityscapes of darwinfish105

New Sherriff...errr, Deputy in Town

Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley, himself no stranger to creating amazing videos of life in Tokyo (Shibuya Scramble Intersection, Krazy Kawaii Weirdness, the concerned-about-nothing Cats of Ikebukuro, etc.), recently discovered this little treat from YouTuber moeru maruyama. It’s quite different from most of darwinfish105’s work in that, while it is time lapsed, it’s not tilt-shifted, and the music is much more minimal - but it’s just as beautiful and awe-inspiring.

Tokyo: Largest City in the Known Universe (and Props to Alasdair Rae)

So yeah, same subject, slightly different take. We think you’ll like:

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