Top 14 of 2014: Full List in One Place

All 14, All in One Place

We’re currently coated in a veneer of the Top 14 of 2014: our most visited URLs peppering our most popular tags in a piecemeal, one-by-one format. That’s all fine and good for keeping a steady content stream during these exceedingly low-action days on the Japanese calendar, but it’s quite a lot to navigate if you’re looking for the overall big picture. So, to bring it all together, below you’ll find a concise, complete list of all the best.

2014 is Dead; Long Live 2015!

All of us here send out a big どうもありがとうござます followed by a 今年もよろしくお願いします to our readers for continuing to follow and support our unique line on Japanese Tech and Cultural News. 2014 has been a strange, confusing, and ever-morphing year for online media. Outlets small, medium like us, large and extra-large are all working to find a new models in the New Media landscape. It’s a huge, weird, unprecedented challenge, but we’re on it!

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We don’t have any New Year’s resolutions per se, but if anyone from RocketNews24 is reading, in 2015 you guys should resolve to credit AkihabaraNews when you scrape our cursory coverage for your feature fodder. It’s so obvious, so annoying, and so lame. Thanks!

What You Loved: The Most Popular Japan & Asia Tech, Cool, and Cultural News:

Our most popular content ranged from cultural phenomena to product reviews to wacky J-gadgetry to simple galleries showcasing not only unique events but also normal, everyday life here in the big, big city. We should also mention that there were a few statistical outliers among the top 14 that weren’t actually published in 2014 (editor Reno’s 2013 Japanese Robots features stand out), but for those we opted exclusion. Okay then, let’s have it!

Honorable Mention 
Before we get the numbered articles, we have one honorable mention, the SJ4000 “FauxPro” HD Action Cam. While this review article didn’t make the English language Top 14, adding its French pageviews into the mix gives it a huge boost and merits some credit.


#14 - Girls of Anime Japan 2014 (and some other anime stuff)

#13 - Some Beautiful Japanese Cosplay for the Weekend (PROBABLY NSFW GALLERY)

#12 - REVIEW: Casio EX-100 High-End Compact Camera

#11 - Cleavage Diver, Cleavage Astronaut, Cleavage Sloth, Etc. Necklaces (MILDLY NSFW GALLERY)

#10 - Tokyo Street Shots: The Living Gallery

#9 - Takara Tomy Arts - LED built-in nail stickers that become luminous in response to electric waves

#8 - Lotteria - Can you finish? The "Attack on Titan" burger!!

#7 - NARUTO Manga has ended after 700th episode in 15 years

#6 - Sushi Cat Update! (HD GALLERY)

#5 - GUNDAM limited edition G-SHOCK will be available late September

#4 - REVIEW: Panasonic Lumix GH4

#3 - Philips - Automatic fresh noodle maker customized for Japanese market

#2 - BIG-ASS GALLERY #1 - 2014 Tokyo International Toy Show

And Finally: #1 - Skymark Airlines to introduce the Airbus A330 & super-mini skirt Flight Attendants