TokyoStreetView: Omotesando Avenue (4K VIDEO)

TokyoStreetView: Omotesando Avenue (4K VIDEO)

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We love sharing awe-inspiring videos of the seething Shibuya scramble intersection or marveling at the eye-in-the-sky tilt-shift time lapse work of darwinfish105, but we also enjoy slower, contemplative slices of Tokyo life. With that in mind, we hope you enjoy our latest video feature, presented in beautiful 4K (don't forget to dial up the YouTube resolution!). 

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Episode 8
Omotesando Avenue

Known by many as the Japan’s Champs-Élysées, Omotesando Avenue was in fact originally created in the Taisho Era (1912 – 1926) as the formal pathway to the Emperor Meiji and his wife Empress Shoken’s temple, also known as the Meiji Shrine.

Today things are quite different, and Omotesando Avenue has been transformed into a more of a sophisticated shopping area than a religious one. Brands like Chanel, Loewe, Louis Vuitton, Tod’s, Dior, Prada and even Apple are now the rulers in this avenue of luxury.

Is this avenue worth checking out? Well yes, because while you may find most of these brands in many other cities around the world, Omotesando and its Zelkova tree-lined avenue make for a wonderfully pleasant walk before reaching the Meiji Shrine (and the wacky Harajuku area).

Additionally, if you have been greatly disappointed Asakusa’s cheap souvenir shops, we strongly advise you to visit the Oriental Bazaar located on the avenue. Oriental Bazaar offers premium goods and souvenirs from Japan without breaking the bank!

Or, maybe you’re looking for something weirder? Go and check out the new Kiddy Land store. Created in 1950, Kiddy Land is one of most famous toy establishments in Japan, and you’re guaranteed to find some of the coolest Japan-only products!

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Beautiful Japan; a Love Story. 
Japan is a world apart from everything you know. It’s a place like no other, built on centuries of tradition and unrivaled attention to detail. Japan is a cultural Galapagos out of reach for many, and it often remains an untouched mystery even for the lucky few who’ve come to call it their home.

A True Contemplative Experience. 
TokyoStreetView is born of a passion for life in Japan, and the series aims to offer others around the world a chance to enjoy a bias-free experience of its many wonders. Unlike other videos you may find on Japan, TokyoStreetView’s are purely contemplative: our camera(s) are your eyes and our tripod is your chair, just sit with us, relax, and let an amazing world unfold in front of you in a succession of short ~10-second sequences of RAW 4K video.

We hope our passion for this mesmerizing country will touch your heart, and, though our videos, you’ll feel some of the wonder we held from the first day we set foot on this beautiful archipelago.


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