SCENE IN TOKYO: Shiodome Caretta Choreographed Illumination

SCENE IN TOKYO: Shiodome Caretta Choreographed Illumination

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Shiodome Carretta Illumination & Classical Choreography (CARETTA BUILDING, SHIODOME, TOKYO)

As we’ve mentioned here previously:
From upscale shopping centers to out of the way local grocery stores and business of all sorts (even a few private homes here and there), Tokyo is currently enjoying a very tasteful veneer of light-based holiday spirit.

Whether we call them Christmas Lights, Holiday Decorations, or simply, as do the Japanese, Illumination, there’s no doubt that Japan both loves to play the game and is particularly good at it.

Some Here; Some There 
When the hardcore illumination installations go up for the end-of-year holidays, it’s not all in one ward or general area. In fact, the best displays seem almost intentionally distant from each other ( has a great top 10 list). But people are more than happy to make the trek, and it’s anyone’s guess how many millions do so each year (remember that the Tokyo Metro Area is pushing 37 million humans). Photographers work to get the shots, lovers make illumination viewing part of their date, entire families brave the cold, and even dorky tech Editors make the trip.

There’s an ancient Japanese haiku proverb that, roughly translated, goes something like:

There is no question;
Holy shit we love our parks;
Put some lights in there.

...they do so proper, and in this time of the year, many add world-class lighting design and rousing choreography. The annual Shiodome Caretta display is considered one of the finest, and as you’ll see below, the why is no surprise.

So watch this. It’s amazing. No matter what your community’s done to light up the holidays, we’re pretty sure that you’re going to be jealous of this right here. Oh yeah, anyone who can comment with the song’s title and artist wins a cookie.

Christmas in Japan!