Casio - Scientific Calculator with Spreadsheet Function

Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced the release of the ClassWiz fx-991EX calculator - it features a high-resolution LCD and it is the world's first standard scientific calculator to feature a spreadsheet function.

It is due to be released in the first quarter of 2015.

The new ClassWiz fx-991EX model features a high-resolution film-compensated super-twisted nematic (FSTN) display with 12,096 dots. (about four times the 2,976 dots offered by the previous Casio model).

The new high-resolution display allows easy use and readability of its spreadsheet function.

The ClassWiz fx-991EX is capable of performing sophisticated calculations such as differential calculus, linear and vector operations, 4x4 matrix calculations, and 4-variable simultaneous equations.

After completing these calculations, graphs can be transmitted to smartphones and tablets through a QR code function via access to a dedicated website.

It comes with a two-way power system combining a battery and solar cell.

Casio plans to release 3 additional scientific calculator models with the same high-resolution display after the release of the fx-991EX model: fx-570EX, fx-350EX, fx-82EX.

fx-991EX model Specs:

- Size: 11.1 × 77.0 × 165.5 mm
- Weight: approx. 90g (including battery)

Power Source and Battery Life:
- Two-way power system combining solar cell and 1 LR44 button-type battery
- 2-year battery life (if used 1 hour daily)

Auto Power Off:
- After approx. 10 minutes of non-use

Main Accessory:
- Hard case