Tokyo Midtown Illumination Animation: Japan is Good at This (VIDEO)

Tokyo Midtown Illumination Animation: Japan is Good at This (VIDEO) -

Holiday Illumination 2014
Tokyo Midtown - Roppongi

From upscale shopping centers to out of the way local grocery stores and business of all sorts (even a few private homes here and there), Tokyo is currently enjoying a very tasteful veneer of light-based holiday spirit.

Whether we call them Christmas Lights, Holiday Decorations, or simply, as do the Japanese, Illumination, there’s no doubt that Japan both loves to play the game and is particularly good at it.

So Much More than Flashy Lights

As our Tokyo Midtown case in point illustrates (see video and interactive Photosphere below), these displays go well beyond flipping the switch on a few cleverly arranged blinking lights. No, this is straight-up choreography; it’s a proper scene, with a soundtrack and simulated fireworks - different from last year, but similar in complexity.

In truth, this is probably one of the smaller venues. There are many more Christmas/Holiday illumination displays to see: Roppongi Hills, the paths around the Imperial Palace, Shiodome, Odaiba, and smaller private venues as well.

If you’re visiting Tokyo, they’re all worth a visit, and if not, then keep checking in AkihabaraNews, Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, and subscribe on YouTube - there's more to come!

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