Nikon to release Df Black Gold Edition - 1600 units ONLY

Nikon announced the release of a premium camera - Df Black Gold Edition - to celebrate the first anniversary of their digital single-lens reflex Df camera. Only 1,600 units - 600 bodies and 1,000 lens kits, will be out for sale.

Gold parts are applied on several places of the Df Black Gold Edition, which makes the premium model look exclusive. The lens that comes with the lens kit is "AF-S NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8G (Special Gold Edition)" and a golden ring is placed around the lens. Other than the lens, the lens kit comes with a special strap (AN-DC9G) and soft shutter release button.

  • Body - ¥313,200
  • Lens kit - ¥334,800


Please read our previous coverage to know more about Df:

Nikon is going to release the digital single-lens reflex "Df" on November 28. The body will be sold for about ¥280,000, the lens kit "Df 50mm f/1.8G Special Edition Kit" will be sold for about ¥300,000.

It has a 36x23.9mm-sized Nikon FX Format CMOS sensor (16.25m effective pixels) - so-called full size sensor - which is identical to that of Nikon's flagship "D4", and it also has the image processor engine "EXPEED 3". Although it has a full size sensor, its body is the lightest and smallest among Nikon FX Format digital single-lens reflex cameras: W143.5 x H110 x D66.5mm, 719g.

"Df" is also compatible with high ISO 204,800, 0.14 seconds of start-time, 0.052 seconds of release time lag, and 5.5 fps continuous shoot. For auto focus, Mutli-CAM 4800 AF module with 39 AF points (the center 9 are cross type). Glass Penta Prism is used for the optical finder with about 100% finder coverage. "Df" has a 3.2inch monitor (0.92 million dots).