AkihabaraNews on The Kong Show: Top 5 J-Tech & Culture (VIDEO PODCAST)

AkihabaraNews on The Kong Show: Top 5 J-Tech & Culture (VIDEO PODCAST) - AkihabaraNews.com

AkihabaraNews' Editor Reno J. Tibke Talks Tech on The Kong Show Video Podcast
Though we're currently taking a break from producing our own podcasts and video shows, we do dispatch to spread the tech word on others! And this time around, it’s a new format - a kind of noncommittal video podcast.

Radio veteran Kamasami Kong's The Kong Show has morphed from a traditional audio affair into a much shorter, choose your own adventure listen-or-watch video podcast (we cringe at the words “vlog” or “vodcast”). The show is partially subtitled with quips from the hosts, and totally enjoyable whether watched or listened.

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AkihabaraNews' Untitled Two-Man Tokyo Tech Show

In today's episode, Reno brings AkihabaraNews' Top-5 list of the most interesting and popular tech-gadgety and culture stories from the last several weeks at AkihabaraNews - and again, it’s a watch-or-not show; the hosts speak and imagery bounces around, but you don’t actually have to look at their silly faces.

Kong and Reno discuss: Panasonic’s full-color night vision security cameras, Thanko’s USB-powered bento box, our super-dorky barebones Shuttle PC review, the new 3D Hatsune Miku render, and our new TokyoStreetView 4K ultra-HD video series. Have a watch, listen, or both:

The Kong Show is recorded at the open-floor studio at The Pink Cow in Roppongi (which is an excellent venue for almost anything - and they have burritos and quesadillas!). If you’re in Tokyo, definitely stop by!

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