VENTURE DAY TOKYO 2014: Who Has Japan's Next Big Idea?

VENTURE DAY TOKYO 2014: Who Has Japan's Next Big Idea?

AkihabaraNews is proud to once again join Venture Day Tokyo as a media sponsor. We’re looking forward to the speakers, the pitches, the feedback, and the excellent networking. Jump here for a complete rundown on last year’s event.

Venture Day Tokyo 2014:
Who’s Ready to Pitch?

We’re pleased to report that the Japanese startup movement is getting its legs, and a great indicator of such is the continuation of Venture Day Tokyo, an event assembled and presented by J-Seed Ventures, a Tokyo-based tech management consultancy, the IE Business School Madrid, and the Keio Graduate School of Media Design.

This year’s event sponsors include Turkish Airlines, Engine Yard, Venture Generation, and Justa. The speaker lineup includes Gengo’s Matthew Romaine and Danny Choo of...well, Danny Choo has effectively become a brand!

Suffice it to say, spending half a day next month at Keio University’s Mita Campus (MAP) has game-changing potential for any young startup.

Bright Idea? New Product? Novel Service?
Application Deadline is November 20

Registration is still open, and investment-ready startups are invited to make an impression on:

  • Venture-focused firms with potential investment decisions at stake.
  • Judges made up of high-profile business people who’ll rate each startup pitch.
  • Speakers from leading companies willing to impart their wisdom and advice to the group.
  • Event sponsor representatives, those who've come for the networking, and other attendees.

A panel of judges will choose winners from among 10 finalists, and these qualified companies will win both prize money and travel opportunities, and make invaluable connections in the Tokyo startup scene. Click through to register and learn more about Venture Day Tokyo.

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