Aerial Burton 3D display projects images into mid-air

Aerial Burton has demonstrated an aerial 3D display, which can project text and images in mid-air.

"The biggest difference between our technology and other displays is, this is a screenless display. This is the only device that can show text and pictures in mid-air, without using a screen.

"Our motivation for developing this display was that we thought it would be useful in emergencies if text could be displayed in mid-air. What makes our technology different is that, when we considered how we might display such aerial text, we thought of using a phenomenon called plasma emission."

The images are constructed by firing a 1kHz infrared pulse laser into a 3D scanner, which reflects and focuses the pulses of the laser to specific points in the air. The molecules at that point are ionized, and the energy is released as photons. Aerial Burton believes that using this technology in emergencies will aid communication after a disaster, letting people know where to evacuate, or obtain food and emergency supplies.

"When we developed this as a commercial product, as you can see today, we wanted to make it transportable by car, so users can convert any suitable vehicle into a 3D display transporter, and take the display to where it’s needed. We’d like to achieve this by early 2015."

As well as prioritizing transportability, Aerial Burton plans to market the display overseas, to increase recognition of this technology.

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