Sharp - Younger sister-like home cleaning robot

Sharp even added a "MOE" feature to this vacuum cleaner.  

From Sharp's home cleaning robot series, COCOROBO, a premium model called COCOROBO Imouto Ver. RX-CLV1-P will be out for sale for a limited time. Imouto means younger sister in Japanese.

COCOROBO Imouto Ver. RX-CLV1-P is a collaboration with voice actors Ibuki Ido and manga artist Kinusa Shimotsuki. There is a cute girl drawn on it and her name is COCOROBO chan. With the built-in unique communication function, COCOROBO chan gives you a reply when you say to the product, for example "What is my lucky item today?" or "You are good at cleaning" in Japanese. Also, there is an alarm function where COCOROBO chan wakes you up.

It allows for various language settings including English, Chinese, Standard Japanese and Kansai dialect Japanese, however you can hear the voice of Ibuki Ido only when it has a Standard Japanese setting.

According to Sharp, they created the product in response to requests from users saying "I want to live with a younger sister-like robot electrical appliance" or " I want to enjoy communicating with a robot electrical appliance that has an attractive voice."

Sharp is now accepting orders until December 15. It will be shipped after January 16.

  • Price: 148,000 yen
  • Size: 304x99x304mm
  • Weight: 2.7kg

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