Thanko - Handy-mist mobile battery

We're Working on Figuring out if We Really Need This (we do)
Japanese winters are very dry and that dry air can make your skin very dry. So, to moisturize your skin anytime you want, Thanko makes a product that combines handy mist and a mobile battery.

Why build such a thing? Because they are Thanko, and that is how they roll. And we at AkihabaraNews love that, and we celebrate Thanko's corporate mantra (that we made up for them):

“Because we can.”

Other things Thanko can:

Anyway, tust make sure you add water or face lotion in the handy-mist mobile battery, and you can spray an ultra-fine mist shower on your skin.  Like one does.

It works as a 2,200mAh mobile battery as well.

  • Price: 4,980 yen
  • Size: 50x35x120mm
  • Weight: 96g
  • Charging time: 3 hours

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