Did Hatsune Miku Just go from Saccharine Cute to Borderline Hot?

Did Hatsune Miku Just go from Saccharine Cute to Borderline Hot?

There Might Never be a Hatsune Miku Live-Action Portrayal Because the Digital Render is Already too Good
And given the character’s wholly manufactured existence and disparately crowdsourced evolution, that seems appropriate. To get hip to what we’re saying here, go ahead and hit the full-screen, crank up the resolution to 1080p60, and you’ll see: meatspace humans need not apply.

Vocaloid Hatsune Miku Represents on Letterman (and righteously shames pop music)

Hatsune Miku Fest in NYC
The brief clip below is a collaboration between Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura (the super-famous in video game land Final Fantasy character design guy) and the Hatsune Miku tribe. It was originally screened at the Hatsune Miku Exposition held in New York during the first few weeks of October (yep, that party happened).

Response to the creation, made public just days ago, has been roundly positive, even in our house. Reached for comment earlier today and generously responsive even though his pops is in town from South Africa, AkihabaraNews Senior Contributor Nayalan Moodley had this to say:

“Nomura’s characters are distinct and individual, but they all look like they come from the same doll factory, which could also be said of his competitors, but his competitors do make porno, whereas Nomura does not (that I know of).”

We’re not sure if readers are going to find that as funny as we do. It’s funny, though.

Speaking of Pronography, What About the Sexeh?
If you believe that Hatsune Miku is pure wholesomeness and hasn’t already been totally sexualized in a variety of media, you would be a very special kind of ignorant. But, one could not be faulted for wanting to avoid lurid incarnations of the heretofore childlike, largely vapid personality/character.

The decidedly 18+ render below, however, kind of changes the game. Which is to say, beyond socially malfunctional otaku fanboys who animate the two-dimensional version into humpyhump situations, maybe Hatsune Miku just became an artificial personality that civilians could find attractive as well? Opinions?

Really, we want your opinions. Give them to us.

Just look at her - she wants to know what you think. Those eyes...they call out, and seem to say "Don't be shy, comment on this article, and I will love you."


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