Ricoh Imaging - Made-to-order limited model - PENTAX K-S1 Sweets Collection

Ricoh Imaging announced the release of the made-to-order PENTAX K-S1 Sweets Collection, which is a limited model of their DSLR PENTAX K-S1. They are accepting orders until November 30.

Colors of the limited model are designed under the theme of "sweets" coming in 3 colors: Strawberry Cake, Blue Cream-soda and Lime Pie.

The PENTAX K-S1 Sweets Collection  includes a camera, white interchangeable lens (smc PENTAX-DA L18-55mmF3.5-5.6 AL), lens front ring, mini towel, and strap (O-ST842). The price will be around 70,000 yen.

Below is a previous coverage about PENTAX K-S1.

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Ricoh Imaging announced the release of a new single‐lens reflex camera, PENTAX K-S1. It will be out for sale on September 19.

PENTAX K-S1 is a compact standard model and designed for young people just becoming interested in cameras. However, the specs are nearly as good as the flagship models and the innovative LED body light is interesting.

It has an effective 20.12MP CMOS image sensor and PRIME MII image processor, and does not have an optical low-pass filter. ISO sensitivity can be boosted up to ISP51200.

The LED lights are placed on the grip, lever, mode dial and OK button, and these lights make PENTAX K-S1 a user-intuitive camera. For example, when you turn on the camera, lights on the grip and a ring around the shutter button glow green, and when you change to movie mode, the ring glows red.

It has a 3-inch back monitor and supports SD/SDHC/SDXC memory card, Eye-Fi card and FLU card.

  • Color: Black, White, Blue
  • Size: 120x92.5x62.5mm
  • Weight: 558g including a battery and SD card

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