Japanese Company Names - Are You Saying Them Correctly? (VIDEO)

Japanese Company Names - Are You Saying Them Correctly? (VIDEO)

Repeat: Ma-Tsu-Da; Ma-Tsu-Da
About half of all Japanese people will give you a polite shrug and/or inquisitive lateral head twitch if you ask them - in basically any English accent - about the latest Mazda Roadster, AKA MX-5 Miata. And that’s because in Japan nobody knows what a “Mazz-da” is. And of course, the list goes on and on.

Whereas English-language vowels can be long or short based on context, historical linguistic influence, region, etc., etc., modern Japanese assigns a set pronunciation and syllable length to each and every phoneme. In certain casual speech, Japanese vowels do get stretched out a bit, but proper nouns generally receive proper pronunciation.

Accordingly, the North American “Suu-baroo” is a bastardization of strictly syllabic Japanese ”Su-Ba-Ru.”

Luckily, this charming young lady is here to clear it all up. Granted, you might sound all kinds of pretentious when you trot out these to your civilian friends and family, but the guys from kahratti class will understand when you explain it at the next carryoakey party. 

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