Self-tightening nut that provides tight fastening with the aid of a unique screw thread

Izushi has developed the Kinglock Nut, which achieves tight fastening through an innovative new structure and surface, unlike those in conventional nuts.

"Regarding surface fastening, at Izushi, we achieve fastening over the entire surface, which ensures that the force is uniform over the entire surface. This results in extremely low stress. Low stress on the nut means low stress on the bolt, which provides big advantages; for example, the bolt doesn’t break easily, and it can be used repeatedly."

As you can see in the diagram, with the Kinglock Nut, both sides of the screw thread are in contact with the nut. This increases the attachment force, ensuring that the fastening is tight. Also, the Kinglock Nut doesn’t loosen at all, even in a vibration test lasting 17 minutes. We’ve also verified that result by measuring the return torque after the test.

"With an ordinary nut, even if it’s fastened to a return torque of 42 Nm, it loosens under a return torque of about 30 Nm. But with our nut, if it’s fastened to 42 Nm, the return torque needed to loosen it is between 40 and 50 Nm. So, from the data, too, you can see how high the fastening torque is on the Kinglock Nut."

The self-tightening effect of the Kinglock Nut makes it suitable for use in all applications where loosening must be prevented, including machine tool spindles and ball screws, automatic doors, and injection molder support bearings.

"As our future goals, we’d like all nut users who are having problems with loosening to use the Kinglock Nut to solve those problems, and we’d like to develop even more effective products, too."

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