Elecom - Night vision monitoring camera

Elecom is going to release 2 models of new night vision cameras in late October: a wireless model "NCC-EWNP100WH" for 31,880 yen and a wired model "NCC-ENP100WH" for 29,310 yen.

With the monitoring camera, you can monitor places, such as your home, in HD image quality (1280x720) remotely with your smartphone, tablet or PC. It might be very helpful for someone who is concerned about his pet that has been left home. There is a speaker and a microphone built-in so that it's able to record audio as well.

The pan-tilt function allows you to remotely adjust the angle of the camera with your smartphone, which is able to cover 355 degrees in a horizontal direction and 120 degrees in a vertical direction. The night vision mode can shoot a clear black and white image even in a dark room.


  • Size: 114.0x108.4x114.0mm
  • Weight: 300g