NTT docomo’s Celebrity Marketing Crew: Ken Watanabe, Satomi Ishihara, and Maki Horikita (GALLERY)

NTT docomo’s Celebrity Marketing Crew: Ken Watanabe, Satomi Ishihara, and Maki Horikita (GALLERY) - AkihabaraNews.com

Left to Right: NTT docomo President Kaoru Kato, Japanese actresses Maki Horikita and Satomi Ishihara, with international movie star Ken Watanabe

Okay, Let’s Get These Out There
Honestly, we weren’t sure what to do with these photos. Most Japanese consumers know that the three entertainers featured here are handsomely paid by NTT docomo to come out on stage holding product, and to stage commercials - they are the crew to be expected at Japan’s largest telecom’s Winter/Spring 2015 product and service announcement.

...but for our English language audience who might not be aware, what do we do with 24 medium-res-at-best photos of their on-stage posing, parading, and selfie taking? Well, we could just toss them, but it’s the weekend, so let’s celebrity!

Skeptical Ken Watanabe and Two Pretty Ladies
Clearly docomo’s secured some of Japan’s best ponies to trot out their products and appear in a ton of TV commercials and photography campaigns. The cute and genki Satomi Ishihara, along with the more reserved yet equally beautiful Maki Horikita, are two of Japan’s most popular actresses, and we think they’re pretty lucky to share the stage with multilingual actor Ken Watanabe.

Now, Watanabe is a fine actor and has rightfully achieved global superstar status (and he's really tall), but he does have one flaw: when he’s not smiling or interacting, he has what we call in the industry ‘Resting Skeptical Face.’ Case in point, here’s Watanabe’s reaction to the new Samsung Galaxy Note Edge:

“What the...it has a wrapping screen? Wait a second... Hey, are you kidding me with this?” 

But of course he’d never react negatively at such an event, and also the part where none of those shots except the far right are reactions to anything. Ken just has an I’m-a-bit-suspicious look on his relaxed face, and we had enough of those shots to cobble together a narrative. We’re very pleased with ourselves. So yeah, it's unlikely that Watanabe will be one to express as much, but our little made-up progression could actually end up being valid. The jury’s still out on the Galaxy Note Edge. Usefully innovative? Gimmicky? Meh? We shall see. 

For now, here’s a group shot of the marketing team, a few singles, and a full gallery links down below:

Maki Horikita, Kaoru Kato, Satomi Ishihara, and Ken Watanabe

See, Ken Watanabe can be quite expressive!

Local Gallery

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