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Halloween is Coming!
As you might have noticed, we’ve decided to start gearing up for Halloween early. In doing so, today we present the latest in our J-Halloween Prep 2014 series: JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL CROSSPLAY. You know, because we believe in gender equality and stuff. We’ll put anyone in a skirt.

Why so early? And why are we doing so in Japan?
Well, to the ‘Why so early?’ question, it’s because it’s just that time of year, and some stores are already putting out Christmas supplies and decorations. and also, most importantly, it’s just because we can! Come on, it doesn’t hurt to be ahead of the game - and Halloween is totally ON in Tokyo!

As for the ‘Why Japan?’ question, readers can be forgiven for not knowing that Halloween has become a pretty big deal over here. As things have gone in the U.S. and other parts of the Western world, Japan has also embraced Halloween as an event that’s just as much about adults partying, cosplaying, drinking, and drag-queening as it ever was about kids collecting candy.

Our friends at Tokyo Otaku Mode 
are serving up a range of very acceptable Halloween-ready products that we officially recommend for J-Halloween Prep 2014. Today's hits are:

Josou Man Cute Maid Men’s Cosplay Outfit Set
TOM’s Official Description:

“If the moe moe maid outfit just wasn’t quite cute enough for you, this fantastic cute version is sure to be more your style! In another new take on the classic French maid idea, this cosplay set has been specially created for male cosplayers and comes in an adorable pink color with cute cat ears on the headdress! The set includes the pink and white maid’s dress with a white apron attached, a classic French maid-style headdress with little pink cat ears and a cat collar-like pink ribbon choker complete with a little bell! Maids, cats and pretty pink frills - this is the cute cosplay outfit of your dreams, and now it’s in guys’ sizes too. How could you possibly resist?”


Josou Man Ikeike Cool Schoolgirl Men’s Cosplay Outfit Set 
TOM’s Official Description: 

“Are you too cool for school? Wearing this fantastic cosplay outfit, you just might be! Clearstone has launched this excellent new Josou Man lineup of cosplay outfits designed for guys who’d like to crossplay as some of their favorite female characters. This “cool” set includes a classic white school blouse, a black and white checkered pencil skirt and a matching neck tie. Male cosplayers have been missing out for too long - now you too can enjoy some high school themed cosplay fun!” 


J-Halloween Prep 2014 Complete Lineup
All Tokyo Otaku Mode Figures, Sushi-Themed Products, Etc.

Nothing Scandalous, No Nudity, but Probably NSFW in a lot of Cases