Takara Tomy - Soba noodle maker

The fresher the soba noodle is, the better it tastes. Yet it's not easy to make good soba noodles at home unless you are a soba chef or have enough soba-making experience.

Takara Tomy is going to make it possible for anyone to make good soba easily with their new soba noodle maker called Sobauchi Meijin. Sobauchi Meijin means "Soba making expert". Not only does it enable you to make good soba, but you also don't need to bother assembling all the special tools that usually go into making soba.

Unlike Philips' super hardcore automatic noodle maker, you have to actually work with your hands with Sobauchi Meijin which is more fun! And it's only 4,600 yen.

It will be released on October 23.




Takara Tomy
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