J-Halloween Prep 2014: COSPLAY PART ONE

J-Halloween Prep 2014: COSPLAY PART ONE - AkihabaraNews.com

Halloween is Coming!
As you might have noticed, we’re getting an early start on Halloween. In doing so, we're compiling and collating the J-Halloween Prep 2014 series.

This is our second post, and there's much more to come, including our next up: JAPANESE SCHOOLGIRL UNIFORMS FOR GROWN MEN (yeah, you do not want to miss that one).

Why so early? And why are we doing so in Japan?
Well, to the ‘Why so early?’ question, it’s because it’s just that time of year, and some stores are already putting out Christmas supplies and decorations. and also, most importantly, it’s just because we can! Come on, it doesn’t hurt to be ahead of the game - Halloween is ON in Tokyo!

As for the ‘Why Japan?’ question, readers can be forgiven for not knowing that Halloween has become a pretty big deal over here. As things have gone in the U.S. and other parts of the Western world, Japan has also embraced Halloween as an event that’s just as much about adults partying, cosplaying, drinking and carousing, and drag-queening as it ever was about kids collecting candy.

Once again our friends at Tokyo Otaku Mode are serving up a range of very acceptable products. As per usual, we don’t care if these were meant for Halloween or not - we officially recommend them for J-Halloween Prep 2014:

#1. Private China Graffiti Cosplay Outfit Set 

TOM’s Official Description:

“If you were expecting a cheongsam you’re out of luck, but this beautifully colorful Chinese-style party dress and bolero jacket combination is the perfect cosplay outfit for getting that difficult stylish but fun look just right! The latest addition to Tokimeki Graffiti’s high quality VIP Cast line, this fantastic set includes a bolero-style jacket and matching dress in a deep red color with a golden floral patten as well as a pink feathered fan. The outfit is also part of Tokimeki Graffiti’s collaboration with the super popular girl group Dempagumi Inc. and is just one of the wonderful designs selected from the Dempa Models x 100 Cosplay photobook. Whether you’re a Dempagumi Inc. fan or just looking for a fantastically cute Chinese-style outfit, you’re sure to have a fantastic time with this colorful yet elegant dress and jacket combination.”


  • Series: Tokimeki Graffiti x Dempagumi Inc x Yuji Suzaki
  • Brand: Tokimeki Graffiti
  • Sizes: one size
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Set Contents: jacket, dress, fan
  • Price: $64.99
  • Product Link: Private China Graffiti Cosplay Outfit Set 

#2. Co-Co Cheongsam Cosplay Outfit 

TOM’s Official Description:

“This cosplay dress has been made to look like a gorgeous cheongsam, a tightly fitting one-piece dress from China! It is a long one-piece dress with a zipper back and ornate, rich red fabric with golden flowers, a slit, and buttons. All you need to complete this pretty cosplay is an excellent hairstyle or wig, heels, and perhaps a hand-held fan.”


  • Brand: Co-Co
  • Size: one size (see link for more details)
  • Dress Length: approx. 125 cm (approx. 49 in)
  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Set Contents: one-piece dress with zipper back
  • Price: $50.99
  • Product Link: Co-Co Cheongsam Cosplay Outfit

#3. Lightning Graffiti Cosplay Outfit Set

TOM’s Official Description: 

“Rarr! If your greatest desire is to strike like lightning into your favorite anime convention or costume party, this fantastic bright yellow tiger-striped outfit might be just the tool you need to really electrify your look. Another fantastic collaboration between Tokimeki Graffiti and Dempagumi Inc. taken from the Dempa Model x 100 Cosplay photobook, this high-impact cosplay outfit set includes a tight tube top, skirt, underwear, knee-length socks and cool headband with little horns all in a bright yellow color with black tiger stripes. The skirt also comes with small ties attached so you can adjust the length yourself to get the perfect look you’re after. If you’re looking for something to really turn heads, this revealing cosplay outfit is just the thing to cause a storm wherever you go!” 


  • Series: Tokimeki Graffiti x Dempagumi Inc. x Yuji Suzaki 
  • Brand: Tokimeki Graffiti
  • Sizes: one size 
  • Material: 100% polyester 
  • Set Contents: hairband, top, skirt, underwear, socks 
  • Price: $42.99
  • Product Link: Lightning Graffiti Cosplay Outfit Set

J-Halloween Prep 2014 Complete Lineup
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