NTT docomo Unveils Winter & Spring 2015 Products and Services

NTT docomo Unveils Winter & Spring 2015 Products and Services -

Editor Yoriko attended NTT docomo’s Winter/Spring 2015 Product & Service announcement event held Tuesday here in Tokyo. The complete event gallery is here.

On September 30, NTT docomo debuted their new 2014-2015 winter/spring products at Belle Salle Shiodome in Tokyo.

And there was not much talk about the new iPhone 6. It was all about other new devices and services.

NTT docomo is recently attempting to differentiate themselves from their competitors by focusing on their wearable and healthcare business. Hence, before introducing new devices, President Kato confidently started his presentation describing in detail their new exercise support service Runtastic for docomo and the sports-focused wearable hitoe that was co-developed with Toray Industries.

Through the ¥350/month Runtastic for docomo service, you can use 6 popular fee-based Runtastic fitness applications as much as you like. You can even maximize your exercise performance by pairing up with the hitoe sports wear. Hitoe has a detachable device worn around the chest and it can measure users’ training data such as cardiac rate and calories burned and detailed info can be viewed in real-time basis on an Android smartphone (4.4 or later) or iPhone (iOS7 or later).

Full Event Gallery Here

President Kato wanted so desperately to emphasise their hard work for the healthcare business that he even introduced a vegetable juice sold by their affiliate company, Radish Boya, and he even chugged it on the stage.

The presentation of new devices was done quickly, and the usual celebrity guests Ken Watanabe, Satomi Ishihara, and Maki Horikita showed up and had a chitchat about those devices. The most interesting part was when the three of them, along with President Kato, conducted a selfie demo using the new curved-edge Samsung GALAXY Note Edge. It is a selfie-friendly smartphone and has a control button at the side where you place your finger while holding it.

The 2014-2015 winter/spring device lineup was presented as follows (full gallery here):


  • GALAXY S5 Active SC-02G by Samsung 
  • GALAXY Note Edge SC-01G by Samsung
  • ARROWS NX F-02G by Fujitsu
  • Xperia Z3 SO-01G by Sony
  • Xperia Z3 Compact SO-02G by Sony
  • AQUOS ZETA SH-01G by Sharp
  • Disney Mobile on docomo SH-02G by Sharp


  • ARROWS Tab F-03G by Fujitsu
  • GALAXY Tab S 8.4 SC-03G by Samsung

Feature Phones:

  • P-01G by Panasonic
  • N-01G by NEC Casio

Rakuraku Phone (phone for seniors):

  • Rakuraku Phone Basic 4 F-01G by Fujitsu

Kids Junior (phone for kids): 

  • Kids Keitai HW-01G by Huawei


  • Wi-Fi STATION HW-02G (Wi-Fi router) by Huawei 
  • Wi-Fi STATION L-01G (Wi-Fi router) by LG
  • Dococchi 01 (Watch-style wearable device for kids)

Selfies (by the docomo models):

Complete Event Gallery:

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