J-Halloween Prep 2014: SAILOR MOON BRAS & STUFF!

J-Halloween Prep 2014: SAILOR MOON BRAS & STUFF! - AkihabaraNews.com

Halloween is Coming!
It’s the first of October here in Japan, and we’ve decided to start gearing up for Halloween early. In doing so, today brings our inaugural J-Halloween Prep 2014 post, and stay tuned for more. Why so early? And why are we doing so in Japan?

Well, to the ‘Why so early?’ question, it’s because it’s just that time of year, and some stores are already putting out Christmas supplies and decorations. and also, most importantly, it’s just because we can! Come on, it doesn’t hurt to be ahead of the game, so we’ve decided that Halloween is officially ON as of today, October 1st.

As for the ‘Why Japan?’ question, readers can be forgiven for not knowing that Halloween has become a pretty big deal over here. As things have gone in the U.S. and other parts of the Western world, Japan has also embraced Halloween as an event that’s just as much about adults partying, cosplaying, drinking, and drag-queening as it ever was about kids collecting candy.

So, here in this first edition of J-Halloween Prep 2014, we present a costume:

Get Your Sailor Moon On 
Literally! Peach John is a pretty famous purveyor of all things Japanese women might like as a first layer, if you will (and they actually have a really decent website - not common for Japanese online retail). In addition to the normal fare, you know, bras and nightgowns and underpants and such, they also offer a range of...thematic gear, if you will, again.

In this case, our friends at Tokyo Otaku Mode have introduced Peach John model Haruna Kojima, a member of the Japanese idol group AKB48, demonstrating the utility of 5 different Sailor Moon-themed outfits (if you’re unfamiliar with Sailor Moon, just look at these photos and imagine the anime/manga version thereof).

We’re not sure if they intended these for Halloween usage, but we are very sure that it doesn’t really matter, and we therefore officially recommend them for J-Halloween Prep 2014:

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