Takara Tomy - Lie detecter toy - Kokoro Scanner

Takara Tomy is going to release a lie detecter toy - "Kokoro Scanner" - to indicate the level of your physiological disturbance in different colors. It will be available for 2,500 yen on October 30.

When a person gets nervous, the flow of his blood becomes faster.  Kokoro Scanner utilizes the phenomenon and detects if you are lying or not, as shown by the color of the light.

Green - You are relaxed and not lying.
Yellow - You are wondering.
Red - You are pretty much disturbed.

The speed of blood flow is different depending on each person, so Kokoro Scanner measures a baseline of the person's blood flow when powered and will give a fair result.

  • Price: About 2,500 yen
  • Size: 140x120x130mm


Takara Tomy