SCENE IN TOKYO: Behind the Scenes Drunken/Exhaustion Bunny Mascot

SCENE IN TOKYO: Behind the Scenes Drunken/Exhaustion Bunny Mascot -

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Drunken and/or Exhausted Bunny Mascot at Tokyo Game Show (CHIBA PREFECTURE, TOKYO METRO)
As one would expect, there was a sizeable kids’ area at Tokyo Game Show 2014, held earlier this month at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center. It was basically a whole lot of brightly colored, heavily padded play furniture, some standard, kid-friendly video games, and several educational, interactive, and tactile thingys. By and large, however, it was clearly set up as a distraction, which was thus: leave one parent with the kids, who’ll assuredly be rapt in stimulus overload, and the other goes off and dorks out on the (really very) expansive gaming displays, demos, and human scenery. Etc., etc., so on and so forth.

Fundamental to the distraction strategy were a few giant-sized, very Japanese-style mascot characters, often known as yurukyara. Roughly, this translates as "Freakishly large, often disturbing, kinda developmentally disabled mascots living relaxed, blissful lives hawking products and/or tourist destinations" (SEE: Kumamon). Which brings us to the bunny in question.

Now, in public, so to speak, i.e., out on the floor in front of the kids, the humans inside the bunny suits have to affect a lively, vivacious, playful nature. But as members of the press, we naturally have access to the behind the scenes, more...honest activity and behavior of the presenters and venue staff - and that’s where we witnessed today’s SCENE IN TOKYO.

It was the end of a long day of conventioning, so was the wobbly bunny operator suffering from exhaustion? Probably. Or, did the person in the suit get all sloppy with booze in order to suffer and tolerate prolonged giant bunny pantomime? Whichever it was, the latter makes a better story, so we’re going with that. Either way, this bunny is not for the kids:

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[which shoots far better videos that what we've got here today because the bunny was shot with an iPhone 5s]