AkihabaraNews on The Kong Show: Top 10 J-Tech & Culture, and the Dude from Boston!

AkihabaraNews on The Kong Show: Top 10 J-Tech & Culture, and the Dude from Boston!

AkihabaraNews' Editor Reno J. Tibke Talks Tech on The Kong Show Podcast
Though we're currently taking a break from producing our own podcasts, we do dispatch to spread the tech word on others!

This week Editor Reno guests on radio veteran Kamasami Kong's The Kong Show podcast, bringing AkihabaraNews' Top-10 list of the most interesting and popular tech and culture stories from the last few weeks. 

Opening up the show, Kong talks with Tom Scholz, the founder of American rock band Boston, which is awesome and weird in and of itself (they've got a new album and Japan tour lined up). Thereafter, Reno and Kong get into the best tech and culture stories of the past few weeks including: CASIO Selfie-Cams, the Shinkansen's 50th anniversary, right-side-always-up/down USB plugs, and discussion upcoming tech events here in Tokyo - like Japan Robot Week! and CEATEC.

From the open-floor studio at The Pink Cow in Roppongi (which is an excellent venue for almost anything - and they have burritos and quesadillas!), here's the show:

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